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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer appeared on 'The View' yesterday (10/13) to share reaction on the recently-foiled kidnapping plot against her, the upcoming presidential election, and more.

Whitmer encouraged everyone to examine their own behavior and question whether their words or actions have somehow furthered the acceptance of domestic terrorism.

"It's so crucial that people of goodwill on both sides of the aisle stand up and call this out and call it what it is," Whitmer said. "And examine their own behavior and ask, 'Have I done anything to contribute to this?' Giving domestic terror groups or giving them space or sending them a message of encouragement means that you're complicit."

When asked about her prediction regarding the upcoming presidential election on November 3, Whitmer noted that she thinks the race will be close.

"I know that eight points looks like a big lead," Whitmer said, referring to polls that put Joe Biden in front of President Donald Trump. "Elections are always close here in Michigan."

When questioned about coronavirus in Michigan, Whitmer said she is "very concerned" and noted that recent rulings by the state Supreme Court have created a lot of confusion.

"We have stepped up a lot of our efforts under other sources of authority in the executive branch," Whitmer noted. "We had incredible success early on. Michigan had the third-highest number of COVID cases and deaths. We're now 33rd. We know how to do this."

But Whitmer expressed concern that Michigan could be in for a second wave of coronavirus as cold weather sets in, driving more people indoors.


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