Do you follow one of Lansing's most elusive restaurants on Facebook?

No, I'm not talking about Mr. Taco...I'm talking about Golden Harvest.

Golden Harvest in Lansing

If you don't you probably should.

And if you do follow Golden Harvest on Facebook, you'll be happy to see that they announced that they are open and are serving up some delicious food. But as of right now, they aren't serving up their typical breakfast and brunch selections of omelets, biscuits and gravy, and waffles.

Photo courtesy Kristen Matthews
Photo courtesy Kristen Matthews
Photo courtesy Kristen Matthews
Photo courtesy Kristen Matthews

Instead, they're serving up late-night dinner selections.

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This first started back in February of this year. They made the announcement that they were going to be open for some late-night grilled cheese. Not only that, but they told us to keep an eye on their Facebook page and be on the lookout for more "late-night pop-ups of all kinds of crazy stuff"

After that, it had been a while since we had heard from one of our favorite breakfast eateries. That is, until May 21st when they made another Facebook announcement regarding dinner.

They did late-night dinner on Saturday, May 21st as well as Monday, May 23rd.

While their lasagna and pasta dishes left this writer drooling, they also left me wondering when the possibility of breakfast might be.

Is Golden Harvest Back Open?

Right now, it looks like they are just doing late-night pop-up dinners (which you can find out when they're happening by following their Facebook page). However, it does appear that they took a moment to address breakfast concerns in their Facebook post on May 21st.

We are going to have all kinds of stuff going this week as we get back up to our usual hours.

Golden Harvest had some setbacks with their roof and taxes, but I am truly so happy to see them back open and at it, even if they are still working to figure things out. Golden Harvest is beloved by so many that I think I can safely speak for many foodies when I say, Welcome Back! And we can't wait to see what you do next.

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