I'm glad I didn't wait to get both my vaccines, but if I were to wait, this is the reason. If you travel to Alaska, you could get a free COVID-19 vaccine. Okay, so they're free everywhere. But this is a great excuse to visit Alaska! After half of America sitting idly at home, waiting to get out and do something, this may just be the reason people decide to get out and about.

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Governor Mike Dunleavy of Alaska took to Twitter and announced the vaccine opportunity for tourists.

With hundreds of thousands of miles of natural wildlife, vistas, and areas to go skiing and hiking, why not? Let's not forget about the galleries that you could potentially see.

At this time, 39.1% of the residents of Alaska have been vaccinated, and the state now has the lowest number of COVID-19 death rates in the entire country.

Twitterverse of course jumped at their chance to be able to get out and travel too, asking where they could book their trip at.

Some commenters even said they could see Alaska becoming a popular travel destination.

Alaska is definitely a destination on my bucket list, but not everyone else is for the idea of letting unvaccinated people just come into the state.

Personally, I probably won't be making any big travel plans till I see some numbers go down. But that doesn't mean you can't go. However, don't forget places like Sparrow are now allowing walk-up COVID-19 vaccines, and you can register across the state of Michigan at places like Meijer & Kroger. No big trip needed to go to your local vaccination site.

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