General Motors is putting some big money into Flint and two other plants in the US.

The total number announced this week is $4.2 Billion, with a B! The majority of the money is split between three US locations in Texas, Indiana and Flint. The money is going toward upgrades at plants so they are ready for a new truck and SUV line.

The upgrades are also being used in Flint to help keep up with the increased truck demand. The $150 Million announced earlier this month is dedicated to upgrades at the Flint Assembly Plant to help with Silverado production.

It seems like there is always a good news, bad news situation though when it comes to auto makers. The announcement of more money being invested in plant upgrades comes on the heels of that announcement that three plants would be closing. One of them is in Detroit, and will be closed by 2020.

Oddly enough, the upgrades to the plant in Flint are schedule to be completed by 2020. So far all of the upgrades are not expected to bring more jobs into the plants. They are just in place to make the work safer and more efficient.


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