The elitists running the government, media and business interests around the world have seen a major collapse in their triad of influence over we the sheeple. Follow the money is the old adage that more often than not proves to be exactly true. In this case you can follow the crony cash trains all the way to the elected halls of power, those walking the halls of major networks and newspapers and those in power house investment companies from Wall Street to Beijing.

What is stunning is how the BBC revealed the three-way fix during the Brexit on-air meltdown. The usually polished professionals on the desk kept saying “well we have a lot more ballots to count,” when it was quite clear the party of globalist elitism was on it’s way into the ditch. The BBC just could not believe it.

You see people in America and around the world are fed up with too much government, too much interference, too much regulation, too much under the thumb, too much money, too many sweetheart deals, too many backroom deals, too many dirty deals, too many sleazy deals, too much finger pointing, too much debt, too much spending, too much taxes, too much bs, just too much too much.

People are angry and even though Hillary Clinton lacks any actual plan for the economy or the country she will dump a couple billion dollars into media to disqualify Donald Trump. What other plan can she possibly have? The media will join in the effort to derail Trump and add a couple billion more and of course those in the tank from the money class, that only care about bottom-line profits and not this country, will also jump in to help where they can. The three way fix has always worked they are telling themselves but I have some bad news.

Trump lacked all those things that Clinton had during the primary season and was roundly dismissed by the chattering class on TV and radio. We were all told many times that Trump had no chance to become the nominee, it simply could not happen. Well as you of course know now they were all wrong.

Some of those basic facts have not changed.

Trump has little money compared to Clinton’s well-oiled slime machine. He also cannot even begin to compete with her organization on the ground across the country and more importantly the campaign infrastructure is lacking in key swing states. What he has is a message that began to pick up speed when he announced his candidacy for President last year. The message of nationalism and culture and defending our borders spread all the way across the Atlantic and shocked the world on Thursday with the UK saying goodbye to the European Union. Globalists and elitists are still licking their wounds and trying to figure out how they might void the Brexit vote. It’s not going to happen. The EU is dying. It may take awhile but the vultures are circling.

The most important factor overlooked by the triad leading to the Brexit and Trump securing the Republican nomination for President has not changed either. Not unlike the beginnings of the American Revolution itself- it is the message that is far more important than the money, the media or the moguls.

The system is corrupt, that is what millions think and that is a key part of the very successful campaign so far. The media desperately wants you to believe that Clinton is pulling away with the race before the first of July but I am here to tell you it’s hocus pocus. The truth is the race is about four or five points right now- with a pile of people who truly have not made a choice for who they believe should lead the country.

Trump must hone his message and focus on a few components if he expects to continue his success. First continue to hammer on the rigged system and Crooked Hillary. Second he must focus on the economy and how he can deliver on more and better jobs for this generation and the next. Finally he needs to keep his focus on Radical Islamic Terrorists and how Jihadists are a threat to all of us on any given day.

The Globalist Triad collapsed with the Brexit victory, the question for Trump is can he now focus his attention on these three things to fight the triad with a new triple threat of campaign points.

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