The people of the United Kingdom shocked the world when they said no more to the European Union and headed for the exit after 44 years. The Brexit vote won with a thin margin of about 1.3 million votes out of 33 million cast. There is already a movement to hold a second referendum but don’t expect that to happen any time soon. In fact the dominos could begin to fall far sooner. Far right candidates in Germany, France and the Netherlands are now calling for similar votes to leave the failed experiment.

The bigger point however is that people all over the world are tired of the elitists in government and business dictating to all of us how things are going to be. The people have risen up to say borders, culture and language are important. People are not ok with a flood of immigrants into their countries they are not ok with fully open borders.

In the last few years 80% of the laws affecting folks in England, Scotland and Wales came from Brussels. It meant the British Parliament was just about irrelevant. Well guess what? The people’s elected representatives are now back in the business of representing.

This should be a warning to the elite globalists everywhere. We are not interested in what you are scheming. We believe in American culture. We too will throw you out if you continue down the wrong path.

You have been warned.