So just out of morbid curiosity, I spent time this evening reviewing 'gender pronouns.' I have included the list at the end for your reference. What I find astonishing is that almost none of the words on the list are, well actually words. Talk about construct! These are wholly made-up and fictional terms that don't appear in the English language. I checked Webster’s Dictionary on-line for the latest updated information and nope, not there.

So go ahead and put together any word you want and then demand everyone refer to you by this 'pronoun' with which you identify. Don’t worry that the word doesn’t actually exist because that doesn’t matter as long as you think it does and you identify with this fake word. If anyone refuses to comply, then demand they be fired, file a civil tort against the company they work for, and by all means make sure everyone knows you are a victim. Because, by God, you have a right, which I am sure is Constitutional according to some alleged 'Constitutional Scholar' at some distant center of diversity and higher learning tucked away behind a dump truck load of Play-Doh in a fairyland safe-space, that you and I can make up any damned thing we want and everyone must be forced to play make-believe with me, zie, vie, vir, vis, za, da, ba, blah blah blah. I mean how dare anyone think they or zay or djay can define you? Cis-bam-boom.

If they don't call you by your fairy tale word, then it will just underscore what an unfair and oppresive place America is, which of course can only be solved by far left saviors like Tomahawk Elizabeth Warren, or I-Gotta-million-dollar-lake-house-even-though-America-sucks-and-I-am-a-socialist, Bernie Sanders. This must be making sense to you by now. Right?

I am sure if you still refuse to play along it must be deeply rooted in white privilege or the evils of such prevalent and well known hate groups like testosterone and estrogen. Other hate groups that have been identified in recent years include testicles and ovaries. Don’t even get me started and the adrenal glands and all the trouble they’ve started over the years.

Have you figured it all out now?

If not here is a primer on the terms for transgenderism that don't actually exist but you must use anyway if you are not going to be labeled as a bigot, misogynist, or white supremacist. It all makes perfect sense if you think about it. Well, no actually it makes no sense at all but that's because I am apparently a hater. At any rate, enjoy the list. I’m going out to ride my unicorn around the yard before taking my magic flying carpet for a spin. Oops, I think I just misappropriated someone else’s culture. I need sensitivity training for sure!




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