For the second consecutive year the great lakes are more than 80% ice covered. That is the first time that has happened since the late 1970’s. After last years ice blanket on the lakes we were blessed with a very long cool spring and a summer that produced exactly one day over 90 degrees for me. That was Fourth of July on Lake Charlevoix. Other than that it was a year that farmers said was almost too cold for crops to mature properly.

For Global Warmists it of course means nothing. After all didn’t you hear that Global Warming means it gets colder too? Ummm ok, well it is hard to explain the logic but it’s what they are going with.

Ice didn’t leave the all the lakes until June. Lake Superior was still 5% ice covered at the end of May and it seems very likely that could be happening again this year. In fact with another blast of sub-zero weather on the way it could mean an all time record for ice cover on the lakes. The record by the way was set in 1979 with 94.7% ice cover.

If the ice remains late into the spring again this year there is a high likelihood of a very cool spring and another long chilly summer. Remember farmers must have enough ‘heat units’ to get corn and bean crops to mature properly. Last year they received the bare minimum to finish out the crops.

The ice blanket now covers well over 90 percent of Lakes Erie, Huron and Superior while Lakes Michigan and Ontario are now covered over halfway.

With that in mind I am predicting that we will see yet another cold summer season. In fact it might even be worse than last year. So drop the sun block and grab the hoodie, you’re going to need it.