Michigan currently requires it’s school kids to attend class 175 days a year. Next year that will increase to 180 days. Right now schools get 6 snow days before they have to make the days up at the end of the year- but a new proposal would increase that to 9 days for the next school year. It is a common sense proposal that should have bi-partisan support but strangely it is not getting much support at all around the statehouse.

Democrats and Republicans alike are both pointing to ‘educating our children’ is the number one priority and therefore 6 snow days is enough.

Well lets try some of that Common Core math shall we? Lets see now, currently we have 175 days of instruction with 6 snow days for a minimum of 169 days in class or we have 180 days of instruction with 9 snow days for a minimum of 171 days in class.

Gee, this is quite a story problem. I choose b. It seems some of our elected leaders may want to brush up on basic math and by the way it is also really expensive to spend extra days in class in June. So do the right thing Johnny, support the proposal, educate our kids and protect our schools from unnecessary cost overruns. And we can also let our kids enjoy that childhood delight of peering out the window and exclaiming 'no school!' without having to worry about making up days during summer break.

I’d say that’s as simple as a, b, c.