I was doing some research for an upcoming guest over the weekend and discovered more unimpeachable evidence, that despite the shrill histrionics echoing from all the corners of Liberal thinking and ideology, we are in fact healthier than ever and living longer more productive lives than at any time in human history. The truth is a funny thing for those who care to find out what it is.

Barack Obama is pulling all the alarms and hitting every single Progressive panic button on climate change hoping to God we all buy in so the Democratic Party can buy it’s way to the Presidency forever and lay the groundwork for single party rule in America.

I can certainly understand his drive for Democrats to be the sole political party in charge after all of their high profile successes like those found in cities like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Not to mention the liberal gravy train driving right past unemployed hard working Americans to deliver their freebies to illegal aliens from California to Connecticut.

However the next time some self important, self righteous liberal starts bloviating about the death of America, Global Climate Disruption Change Truth- just give ‘em some actual facts. Like, despite their cry baby approach to everything from hurricane season to the next big blizzard, they will likely live- a very long time. In fact they will live a dozen years longer on average than those born in 1965.

Here is the chart I put together using a variety of easily obtainable information from a range of reliable sources both public and private.

                                Life Expectancy 1960- 2015

          1960        1970     1980      1990     2000     2010     2015

U.S.     69           71          74          75        77         79         81   +17% 12yrs

U.K      70           72          74          76        78         80         82

China  43           63          67          70        72         75         76

The newest thing is saving people from poison air in America I guess. Poison air? Sure, whatever you say. I’d stick around to debate the baseless merits of the liberals finger pointing, everybody is a victim thing but the fish are biting I hear on Lake Michigan so I’m going to catch some heavy metal laden fish to feed my family for dinner. If the libs think it’s just too dangerous, great that leaves a lot more for me to catch!

A 17% increase in life expectancy in just 50 years also throws one helluva wrench into the notion America’s healthcare system is broken too. But hey let them cry themselves to sleep hiding under their bed. You know, the one with the tag; no animals were harmed in the manufacture… blah blah blah. I just hope my filet knife is still sharp.

What dip#@**s!!!