It is that time of year again, the flu season. And we are still fighting the Covid-19 Virus as well. Health officials around the country are preparing for a double whammy, Covid-19 and the Flu infecting people at the same time. Everyone is urged, especially seniors to get a flu shot this year. They also have a double-dose flu shot for those over 65, even though it is in limited supply in some places. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) those over 65 are at a higher risk of serious complications from the flu. Fewer influenza cases and a higher immune response have been reported by those taking the high dose flu vaccine and adjuvanted flu vaccine.

MLive reports “Every flu-related hospitalization we see this season will put an additional strain on Michigan’s economy and our health care systems and hospitals. Our hospitals are still reeling from the spring COVID-19 hospitalizations and are working to prepare for a potential second wave of the virus. I encourage everyone to get their flu vaccine, and tell your friends and family to do the same,” says Linda Vail of the Ingham County Health department.

The demand is very high this year, especially since we are fighting two viruses at the same time. Sanofi Pasteur a vaccine manufacturer said nationwide they have shipped more than 14 million high dose flu shots so far, which is more than half of what they planned to manufacture this year.

“Usually, by this time, I have all my flu (vaccines) that I have ordered in stock, but this year’s is still gradually coming in,” Vail wrote in a message passed along from her county’s immunization supervisor. “No shortages that I am aware of at this point.”

Especially if you are a senior, plan to get your flu shots this year. It is better to be safe than sorry. I got mine last week during my recent doctor visit, it is something I have done every year. And don't forget to wear a mask in public, social distance, and wash your hands. Because Covid-19 is still infecting Americans at an alarming rate. We are fighting two viruses this fall.

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