Did you know that the Mayor of Flint, Karen Weaver, is up for a recall vote tomorrow?

Neither did I and quite frankly once I found I did not care which way the vote went until….

Mlive reported that Jesse Jackson supports Mayor Weaver and that changed my entire thinking.  During his latest visit Jesse Jackson stated the following:

Our mayor has brought dignity, decency, and a high standard.  We should work for her, invest in her... If we do our best on Tuesday morning, we'll celebrate on Tuesday night.

Sorry Ms. Weaver, since Jesse supports you there must be something up and I do not mean in a good way.   I have now changed my position from non-committal to it is time for you to go, not that it matters a hill of beans.

I would end this with good luck but as I stated Jesse Jackson is supporting you and with that I cannot.

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