What has this country come to?

There were many on the left, as was
reported by U.S. & World News/Mlive, that attacked Speaker Ryan for that tweet and called for gun control, not prayers. Once such tweet was as follows:

And finally another sad person, I was going to say soul but I doubt they have one any longer they sold it to you know who:

Has many on the left lost all sense of humanity, why is it such a big deal that Speaker Ryan called for citizens to pray for those innocent people and their families?  They can call for another law, which would not have prevented this shooting, without attacking Speaker Ryan because he asked decent human beings to pray for those families.

I ask those “humans” what “common sense” law would have prevented this shooting.

Can we not even come together as Americans when we have a tragedy like this, apparently not.  I have been saying it for years the left has and is continuing to tear at the fabric of our society, to bring us down as a country.

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