If you're a resident of Southeast Michigan, it will probably come as no surprise that Flint and Detroit rank high in the list of worst-run cities in the US.

Stacker analyzed data compiled and published by Wallet Hub in July of 2019 and determined that Detroit is the #1 worst-run city while Flint ranks fifth.

Factors such as quality of roads, infant mortality rates, percent of the population in poverty, and violent crime were used to make the determinations.

It should be noted that Stacker deviated from Wallet Hub's findings by using the detailed city services ranking, rather than data that included “total budget per capita” to determine their rankings.

While Flint scored fairly well for its financial stability, factors such as the health of its citizens and education propelled Flint to a dismal overall ranking.

"The City of Flint, Mich., has the highest percent of the population in poverty in the nation and experienced a major water crisis in 2014. Then-governor Rick Snyder was criticized for policies he enacted during this time and the water crisis has been described by activist Mariame Kaba as one of the largest examples of environmental racism in the nation."

The rest of the results are available here.

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