There are four voters who have filed a federal lawsuit with the desire to exclude presidential voting results from three Michigan counties. They allege fraud, and several other legal challenges brought forward since the President declined to concede the election. President Trump scored 147,000 fewer votes than Joe Biden here in Michigan. The lawsuit is asking to drop ballots cast in Wayne, Washtenaw and Ingham Counties. That would be approximately 1.2 million votes, which would give Trump the lead.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, cites an assortment of allegations made by the Trump campaign, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel, right-wing media organizations and ongoing lawsuits filed since the election. Plaintiffs also cite ongoing investigations launched by the Michigan Legislature and a variety of other claims that have been debunked. The allegations include charges of Republican ballot challengers being harassed and illegal tampering with ballots.

Attorney David Kallman told Wayne County Judge Timothy Kenny Wednesday that there’s plenty of evidence in our affidavits. Kallman wants an audit of Detroit’s vote and to suspend any certification of the election results by Wayne County until the review is done. Some of the claims include that Republican challengers were removed from the TCF Center in Detroit while they were processing absentee ballots, also that ballots were backdated, signatures not verified plus other irregularities.

Trump's campaign and Republican supporters have sued in at least four states challenging the results. The campaign also sued Monday to block Pennsylvania from certifying its election results, claiming that voting irregularities justify keeping the winner undeclared while the case proceeds. Legal experts say the suits are not backed by factual evidence of fraud and are extremely unlikely to alter the results.

Even though Joe Biden has been declared the winner in Michigan, Trump voters claim that handling of the ballots included systematic fraud. So far two other Michigan judges ruled against Trumps’ campaign in the past week for similar claims. This federal court case includes allegations of irregularities in the processing of ballots and the intimidation of GOP observers. The judge said he would rule on this Federal case Friday.

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