Details of a memorial service for comedian Robin Williams have not yet been made public, but his family says that's about all regarding his death that hasn't.

They're criticizing authorities for releasing details of his reported suicide that they believe should have been kept private.

Published reports indicate a social media backlash has occurred after California officials in  Marin County outlined specifics of how the actor, raised in Michigan, ended his life.

They included the way his body was found and that there had been at least two previous attempts to take his own life in the hours before he eventually hanged himself.

Many fans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.  Many said there were too many details released and that that information should have been private in such a tragic situation.  Others pointed to the celebrity of Williams and his millions of fans as not needing to know 'exactly" how he met his end.

Marin County officials are defending their actions.  They say the information was public record.  The also announced the death looks to be a suicide, but they'll have to await toxicology reports until an official finding can be made.  That could take up to two weeks.

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