You know who is loving this whole stay at home thing? Dogs. They are in heaven with all of the human contact and extra love they are getting right now, not to mention tons of walks.  All of our furry friends are spending less time home alone and more time cuddling with their owners. So how will your four legged friend feel when life goes back to "normal" and all that extra human time is gone?

Many experts are saying that dogs may have “extreme separation anxiety” when their human go back to work. “With such an overload of quality time with their families, dogs are building up a huge reservoir of over-dependency,” animal psychology expert Roger Mugford said.  Mugford, who’s known for training Queen Elizabeth’s corgis, added that the pampered pooches could “suffer when mums and dads suddenly return to work and the children go back to school.” They simply love having you around!

Dr. Karen Sueda, a veterinary behaviorist, noted in a statement to Insider, “Dogs thrive on consistency and predictability, as we all do, so any time there’s an abrupt change, it can cause stress.”

Signs that your pooch is feeling that "you left me alone" stress can be pacing and howling, defecating, urinating, and digging or chewing through doors and windows that could lead to self-injury. Their separations anxiety is a very real thing.

Right now there isn't much you can do to prepare your fur babies for the big switch back to normal life. Once you know the lockdown is close to being lifted you can start to get them a bit acclimated to being alone slowly a little at a time. Sueda says,“Allow your pet to have some alone time. You have your space, and they have theirs.”

As for cat owners...they just want you to leave.

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