East Lansing police are continuing to see if a man taken into custody after a standoff with police in Grand Rapids Tuesday night is responsible for the death of an MSU student last month.  They say while identifying the man as a person of interest they are still investigating to see if evidence ties him conclusively to the crime.

The investigation is underway to determine whether Maquay Shaquilleedris McCoy is responsible for the death of Dominique Nolff

Marquay Shaquilleedris McCoy was arrested after a massive investigation involving several agencies including the Michigan State Police and the U-S Marshall's Office.  The raid on the home came after a tip to police that McCoy was staying with family there.

He has refused comment on the murder of 20 year old Dominique Nolff but matches surveillance video that shows a man entering and leaving the Cedar Village apartment building where Nolff was killed around the time of the murder.

The apartment is located about a mile from campus.

Nolff was killed in the attack, but another man was only wounded and has been working with police to identify the suspect.  Records show the victims say they let the suspect into their apartment but then something went terribly wrong..