For many temperatures like these near 40 degrees today is feeling like Spring has finally sprung!  But a chain-reaction accident on an interstate in Pennsylvania is reminding us that winter is far from over and even warmer temps have the potential to be deadly.

NBC Affilate WJAC is reporting at least 50 vehicles were involved in a massive pile-up this morning on I-80 in Clearfield.  The area is about two hours northwest of Harrisburg.

A handful of people received injuries today in the chain-reaction crash that involved at least 40 tractor-trailers.  It's unclear just how severe the injuries are.

It is the second massive pile-up in a matter of days.  It was just last Friday that another crash involved more than a hundred cars just outside Philadelphia.  That incident sent 30 people to the hospital for treatment.

For those in Michigan and other surrounding states warnings are already going out that we could be seeing much the same.  Unseasonably warm temps forecast for later this week will melt off snow during the day but also lead to possible flooding.  The concerns are as well about what will happen when temperatures hit below the freezing mark during the evening and overnight hours.  Police are already warning motorists to expect a slower than normal trek to work as many roads could be ice covered.