A lot of amazing things happened in Downtown Lansing over the past few years. Many renovations, new stores, apartments, and shopping.  I moved down there a little over a year ago and I love it.  So much is walkable and some amazing bars and restaurants from old to new.

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The new Capital City Market is awesome and so close to me. Also new is the Courtyard Marriott Downtown Lansing and its awesome.  Plus its connected to Block 600 Apartments which is a great place to live. When guests visit it like they are in your home because it's all connected.

More Good news For Downtown Lansing

Here is more good news, the 256-room Radisson Hotel in downtown Lansing has a new owner and will get a whole new makeover according to fox47news.com. The new owners are from an investment firm called Waramaug Hospitality.

We saw lots of opportunities here with this hotel that’s been operated wonderfully by the prior owner since 1986 under the Radisson brand. We saw an opportunity to come into Lansing and improve the hotel significantly. We’re going to change the brand to Doubletree by Hilton in a few years," said Craig Nussbaum, senior vice president at Waramaug.


$10 Million In Hotel Renovations

A total of $10 million in renovations will take place by 2023. All of the rooms will be stripped and everything in them will be new, and look for brand new guest rooms. The bathrooms have already been completed.

More things to look forward to downtown as it continues to grow and prosper.

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