As an ice cream lover, I may be interested in this sweet promotion here.

For starters, July 18th is National Ice Cream Day, and I do plan to endulge myself with some sweet, sugary goodness. But, so can you!

DoorDash will be giving away nearly a million pints just to celebrate a promotion. All you need to do to get that pint, is place an order greater than $20 at participating convince and grocery stores. This can also depend on the DoorDashers order platform DashMart. However, the promotion runs through July 15 through the 18th.

At the end of your order, all you need to do is use the code ICECREAM at checkout, and you can literally pick your choice of ice cream to get this free pint.

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Like most offers, there are rules and limitations applied to this promotion, and if you are interested as to what they are, you can click here. 

You can also buy some 'curate sundae kits' that DoorDash will be selling in about 18 markets. Starting price for these kits starts at $14.99 with ceramic bowls, two rainbow confetti spoon as well as a metal ice cream scoop. We can't forget about those sweets like hot fudge sauce, rainbow sprinkles and more. All this will be available starting as soon as July 15th.DoorDash Offering Free Pints Of Ice Cream on National Ice Cream Day.

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