If you're going to go out and vote, get the perks that come with it!

There are discounts, freebies and food aplenty available today for everybody who gets out to rock the vote.

Of course, according to federal law, it's illegal to offer freebies and discounts in exchange for a person to vote, so businesses don't require that you show an "I voted" sticker; they technically give it to everybody, regardless.

And, since every day has a theme anyways, it's also National Sandwich Day, so a lot of sandwich shops are offering discounts.

2020 Election Day Freebies

Also, Pizza to the Polls is at it again this year, sending pizza out to people who are waiting in line to vote. This year, they've started a food truck program in 25 cities around the United States. If you're at a polling place or you see a polling place with a long line, you can report it to them and they'll try to get food out to the people waiting in line.

Their website says that they will deliver food to ANY polling place in the United States, as long as there's a local delivery place that's willing to make them.

Love seeing everybody come together for their civic duty today! Now get out there and ROCK THE VOTE!

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