One would think that it would be pretty common knowledge but in some cases unfortunately it's not.

Hand sanitizer is for external use. You can't drink the stuff. Well you can, but the results will be less than positive and healthy. It's like that old DJ saying in broadcasting...

"You can say anything you want on the air. Anything. Once."

And according to News 10 that is what is happening with people who for whatever reason are drinking hand sanitizer. People are not only falling ill, some are actually losing their lives in this process.

Some of the cases have unfortunately been children. Obviously we want to keep hand sanitizers out of the reach of children who may try to drink it. Other cases have been adults who are unaware that hand sanitizer is not an alcohol substitute. There are also people who take their chances and drink the stuff anyway and roll the dice as far as their health and well-being after that.

Now I realize that some of these hand sanitizers in bottles can look kind of confusing at times, especially when they can look like a big old bottle of generic vodka and of course the consistency of some hand sanitizers are more like water than gel. But please be careful, check your bottles twice and keep your sanitizers out of the reach of children in your home who may not fully understand their use.

Get more info here from the News 10 website.

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