How are immigrants here either legally or illegally supposed to assimilate into our culture if they do not speak English or do not speak English very well?

According to data released this week by the Census Bureau 44.6% of people over 5 years old do not speak English at home in the state of California.  Also according to the Census Bureau data, 18.6 % of California residents 5 and older do not speak English “very well.”

The 2nd through 5th states of residents five and older who do not speak English at home were:

2.    Texas ranked second with 35.6%
3.    New Mexico ranked third with 34.5%
4.    New Jersey ranked fourth with 31.7%
5.    and New York ranked fifth with 31.0%

For information on other states you can click on the hotlink provided above and find out.

The question really is not how many people speak another language other than English at home but how well can they assimilate into the American culture if they do not speak English at home or cannot speak English very well.

What does assimilate mean, well according to Webster’s Dictionary it means:

to take into the mind and thoroughly understand, and to absorb into the cultural tradition of a population or group

The problem with immigrants not assimilating is a very big problem, if you cannot assimilate than you are unable to know what makes America tick and perhaps why we are the greatest country in the world.

When our immigration policy was controlled, measured, and coupled with an approach to assimilation, America thrived and we became the great country we had. We had various ethnic groups which enriched America with their art, food, music, and literature while accepting a common culture of American values and institutions. I repeat with a common culture of American values.

Our problems arose only when immigration was very often illegal and illegal in mass numbers, and no longer was there an emphasis on assimilation.

The problem came in the late 20th century, when the political class, that includes most of the main stream manipulative news, in America largely gave up on multiracialism under one common culture and decided instead for multiculturalism, in which each particular ethnic group retained its nationalism and saw itself as separate from the whole, the whole being America and Americans.

Something to think about, for those of us who see America becoming a multicultural state of unassimilated peoples and competing racial groups, history will not be kind to us. Why, because the history of state’s accepting multiculturalism is one of chaos, discord, violence and finally implosion.

It is fine to strive for some diversity but an accessory and our unity is our strength.

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