A new set of proposed bills is hoping to expand Michigan's distracted driving law.

Currently, texting and driving is illegal in the state of Michigan along with 47 other states in the country. Despite those laws, a report claims that approximately 660,000 people attempt to use their phones while driving. And, using a phone while driving causes 1.6 million crashes every year. Read more here.

With those alarming statistics in mind, it's no mystery why Michigan lawmakers are attempting to expand the distracted driving bill to include more than just texting.

About the Bills

Yes, there are multiple.

According to freep.com, the three bills, House Bill 4250, 4251, and 4252, would prohibit the use of any cell phone or mobile device while driving. That includes scrolling on social media, filming, and taking phone calls.

Are There Exceptions?

Only a few.

The exceptions include dash cameras and cell phones secured in a mount. As well, motorists would not be in violation of the bill if they were using their phones to dial 911 to report an accident or crime. Read more here.

Of course, if your car has built-in Bluetooth capability, you can also utilize that to make phone calls if necessary. Yes, there are adapters you can buy for non-Bluetooth-capable cars. Check out a few options below:

Now, Let's Talk About Fines

First-time offenders would be hit with a $100 civil fine with an additional $250 fine for each reoccurring offense. As well, those fines could come with community service requirements and, of course, fines would be doubled if the law is violated during an accident.

So, not an outrageous fine but, hopefully, enough to deter those still insistent on using their phones while driving.

As of now, the expanded bill has been passed in the Michigan House of Representatives and will now move on to the Michigan Senate.

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