Let's make one thing clear... social media is great, and can even be used in the form of a weapon if you try hard enough.

For good or evil, a little shade never hurts nobody.

Bath Police Department on Facebook

If you aren't following the Bath Police Department on their Facebook... what's wrong with you!?

There's no lack of reasons to follow them on Facebook.

Their witty posts keep viewers entertained, like the one below:

The hashtag, #GonnaGetAnOutstandingOrangeJumpsuitThough, in itself was reason enough for me to follow them on Facebook.

Police Department Throws Shade At Bad Driver

In the Bath Police Departments' defense too, if you hit 3 mailboxes, and take out shrubs with an open beer, you deserve to be made fun of on social media...

See the quote from the Bath Police Department below:

Our face when it’s 2 AM, you hit 3 mailboxes, a culvert, annihilated someone’s front yard shrubs with your Buick, have an open beer in the cup holder and smell like a brewery but claim you’re stone-cold sober headed home from your job that ended 7 hours ago.

I think if you haven't done it already, you should go follow the police department on their social media. As they always say, a smile a day keeps the doctor away, or something like that.

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