A N95 Mask decontamination device, one of only sixty in the country the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been able to pick up, has been made available in Detroit.

According to the Michigan State Emergency Operations Center,

"Used N95 respirators can be delivered to Battelle Labs’ decontamination device located at the TCF Center in Detroit. The device can decontaminate N95 respirators for reuse up to 20 times and the service is available, free of charge, for health systems, first responders and nursing homes." - Michigan State Emergency Operations Center release

The release goes on to say this "device includes four decontamination units and is approved to process N95 respirators using concentrated, vapor phase hydrogen peroxide."

Battelle’s decontamination process has been granted an emergency use authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and "has shown up to 99.99999 percent effective sterilization of N95s." The release says Battelle has a contract with the state of Michigan and is staffing the device. "Facilities will be able to ship N95 respirators to TCF for decontamination. Once the masks are sterilized, the respirators will be shipped back."

Details for those interested are at Battelle's website FAQ.

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