Former state Senator Gretchen Whitmer is running for Governor in the Democrat Party primary this year.

Yesterday she was at a woman’s march in Lansing and as reported by the Lansing State Journal reported that Ms. Whitmer stressed the importance of women in elected office. With that in mind the article then quoted her saying to the crowd in attendance the following:

"We gotta run because we know how to get things done”

What she is saying is men, as a group, cannot get things done as well as women. Is that not a sexist statement?

I am sure if a male running for Governor was to say, in the same context, that more men should be elected because they know how to get things done, women would be hollering about what a male pig and sexist they are.

Well in this world of wanting to be treated equally should men be hollering about her sexist statement?

What you should do is call her campaign office number, which is  (517) 763-2955 and inform her that you believe she owes the men of this state an apology.

Do not get into political discussions with them, do not talk about issues, just let them know how you feel about what appears to be a very sexist and bigoted statement. Due to that feeling you believe she owes the men of Michigan an apology.

Would you not agree?

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