Hillary Clinton has a Nobel Prize winning economist on her team to take America forward. The problem is the ideas that he embraces and you have heard say time and again are a prescription for dying children and riots in the street.

You see Joseph Stiglitz who is called an “influential advisor to Hillary Clinton” and he is also a big fan of hard-core socialism. Specifically he is a big fan of Hugo Chavez and the economic system in Venezuela. He heaped praise on Chavez and the jack booted thugs of equality in South America calling them successful in “bringing health and education to the people in the poor neighborhoods of Caracas.”

That by itself would be frighting enough but listen to what Stiglitz is pushing for as Clinton’s leading economic advisor: he is calling for ‘rewriting the rules of the American economy’ in a crusade against ‘income inequality. His recommendations for the rule changes include higher taxes, more ‘smarter’ regulation and making the Federal Reserve’s focus unemployment and forget about inflation.

He is actually calling for a more activist Fed than we have already witnessed since 2008.

Oh, did I mention that today in Venezuela the store shelves are empty, people are in the streets demanding food. People in hospitals are dying as there are no supplies and the doctors have fled as well. We are about to see something in the Western Hemisphere we haven’t seen in my lifetime and that is a major failed state.

Nicolas Maduro the protégé’ of Hugo Chavez is on the run, trying very hard to hang on to power while the peasants with the pitchforks are closing in. Well in Hillary Clintons world we could enjoy the same benefits of socialism right here in America.

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