Matt Lauer, according to the lemmings on the left was a horrible moderator during the much-ballyhooed NBC News Commander in Chief Forum that featured both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It seems that Hillary just wasn’t treated fairly they say because Lauer had the nerve to spend a few minutes on her never ending email scandal and then went completely over the line by actually asking some real questions.

Can you even fathom the gall?

But wait there is a lot more. The Clintonistas were far from done however and went so far as to ask, “is Matt Lauer a Trump supporter?”

For anyone that watched the event you know this is a far fetched piece of non-sense after the former Secretary of State had what many are calling a poor performance. I mean can you believe that the Clinton campaign is actually going with the narrative that she isn’t treated fairly by the press?

Well, with Clinton’s flagging poll numbers and all the momentum appearing to be with Donald Trump right now it seems it is time to try something that works for him; blame the press for your problems. Trump has slammed the ‘dishonest media’ for months when it comes to covering his campaign. Hillary apparently thought that would be a good idea to follow suit. The problem is I doubt it will have the same charm for her as it has had for Trump. But it is certainly fun to watch Clinton cry about an unfair press- when everybody on the planet knows the press has been in the bag for her from day one.

Good grief.


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