Here we go again down the path of free speech rights being eroded.

A new survey titled Free Expression on College Campuses conducted by the Knight Foundation has found that:

  • 41% of college students believe hate speech should not be protected under the First Amendment
  • 58% believe that it should be protected.
  • 53% of college women believe it should not be protected, as well a majority of black students.

Where is this country going when an alarmingly increasing number of college students no longer believe in the First Amendment which “guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely”?

I understand that the First Amendment is a protection against the government restricting the right of free speech and not individuals, but with an increasing number of younger people believing that one’s right to free speech should be restricted we are going down a dangerous path.

The obvious question arises, who determines which speech is “hate speech”?  What if a majority of people believe that these college students who are against what they believe is someone else’s speech because they deem it “hate speech” believes their speech is “hate speech”?

I could only assume they would state, with indignation, that their speech is not “hate speech” just truth to power.

A Canadian professor argued that "vile little sh*tlords" who are passionate about free speech should be fired and harassed.

We then have a New York college president wrote an op-ed titled “A Campus Is Not the Place for Free Speech,” in which he explained his opposition to free speech on college campuses.

Be very careful on which ideology you vote for in upcoming elections, one day your rights to free speech might be questioned.

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