I wrote a piece last week titled “Person Of Color Beaten Because Of MAGA Hat.” About a man who was viciously beaten by a gang of animals he guessed were between the ages of 18 and low 20’s. They beat him because of the clothes he chose to wear. In his case it was a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat.

What surprised me, and unfortunately I probably should not have been, was the reaction from Democrat’s who commented on Facebook about the piece. They blamed the man for this viscous beating not the perpetrators.

One “man” wrote:

The guy who got socked was wrong. Not the man who stood against hate

Another “man” wrote:

Don’t wear the hat then.

And another “man” wrote:


Even the women got into blaming the person for the clothes they were wearing.

One woman wrote:

It’s not just for wearing a hat.  It’s for all the hatred and evil that hat represents.

Another woman wrote:

No accounting for taste.

These commenters I would have to believe, would also be the same ones who would blame some women for their rape because of the clothes they were wearing.

I decided to bring these comments to your attention to show you the depth of hatred these days in the Democratic Party. A hatred that many read about in other communities and might not believe that kind of hatred exist right here in Michigan and their community.

As a Radio Talk Show host and political pundit I have known of this hatred in our community for years; it is usually directed at me.


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