It's not something you see, nor would you just so randomly stumble upon. Especially here in the state of Michigan.

Photo by Naveed Janmohamed on Unsplash
Photo by Naveed Janmohamed on Unsplash

Maybe, London? Or somewhere in Eastern Europe? Could you imagine so close to home right here in Michigan though?

Last Remaining Cobblestone Roads

It's not something that you see much of at all, as we tend to use asphalt here in Michigan on our roadways.

Yet, there was a time when we were doing something a little different.

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Photo by Olivia Hodges on Unsplash
Photo by Olivia Hodges on Unsplash

If you're from the Michigan city of Grand Rapids, you're probably familiar with these cobblestone roads. If not, you may have a new bucket list adventure for your weekend.

The Cobblestone Roads In Grand Rapids

They were originally constructed back in 1890 in the Grand Rapids area, and some work has been done to them over the years that they've been in the major city.

If you're traveling on Walnut ne, you know of the road we are talking about.

A rare, yet, definitely amazing historic checkout for you the next time you're in the Grand Rapids area.

One of 2 Cobblestone Roads in Grand Rapids. Makes a cool bumpy historical experience

Posted by Duane Ching on Wednesday, September 8, 2021

It's a piece of not only Michigan history but apart of history from across the world. Next time you're in this area, snap some pictures and send us them in our app.

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