2020 has been a strange year and not everyone is in the Christmas spirit, but those selling Christmas trees are seeing an uptick is business.

One thing a pandemic doesn't care about is traditions. We are being asked to not travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas which are traditional holidays and sometimes these are the only times families get together to see one another.

A lot of families are reducing the size of their family gatherings in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 but a lot of families started decorating their houses earlier this year and getting their Christmas trees up to try and keep their family tradition alive.

According to WOOD, Christmas tree farms are cashing in on the early excitement of the holidays up a head. Princes Nursery and Trees have been busier than normal not to mention we have had excellent weather for families to get out and cut their own tree.

We have seen it be a little busier earlier. I think there is that normalcy that people do. They want part, to get back to that again. This whole COVID, all of it has been, it's been unnerving. It started way back in March and now it's picking up again and that's different. I've never, I don't know anybody that has experienced that before.

If you would like to keep the tradition of taking the family out and cutting your own Christmas tree, many nurseries and tree farms are going to all lengths to allow you to keep your tradition alive and be as safe as possible while your family searches for the perfect tree to cut on the farm.

Your job is to mask the family up, keep your distance from others at the farm when you arrive and there will be sanitized saws for you to use to bring down the perfect tree. Many farms have hand sanitizing stations all around and the farm are keeping family groups socially distance for everyone's safety including the tree farm staff.

When you get that perfect tree home, make sure a cut a half inch up on the stump before bringing the tree in the house. Have that lukewarm tap water ready and get that tree in the stand as fast as you can. Then just keep the tree watered often since homes are very dry this time of year and your tree should stay fresh the entire season.

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