The holidays are approaching fast, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are hoping that they look different this year.

Start the countdown, folks - 39 days until Halloween, 65 days until Thanksgiving, and 94 days until Christmas. If you're anything like the rest of us, you're probably struggling to make plans in the middle of a global pandemic.

If the CDC guidelines that were released today are, in fact, followed, don't plan ANYTHING - they posted their holiday suggestions on their website late last night and you're not going to like it.

"Many traditional Halloween activities can be high-risk for spreading viruses. There are several safer, alternative ways to participate in Halloween."

Now, instead of just telling us what NOT to do, the CDC is giving alternatives, which is nice. Their website says that low-risk Halloween activities include carving pumpkins, a scary movie night, and virtual costume contests.

As far as moderate-risk Halloween activities, the CDC suggests an outdoor costume parade (with the reminder that a costume mask is not a substitute for a cloth mask), distanced trick-or-treating (leaving candy at the end of your driveway), and outdoor haunted forests with social-distancing.

And now, for the high-risk Halloween activities: door-to-door trick-or-treating, indoor haunted houses, and hayrides with strangers.

Finally, we're just gonna take a step back here and let you all fight it out in the comments section, because nothing seems to make anybody happy anymore. Remember, the attitude you take at home towards this is the attitude your kids will take. Make good choices.

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