The Governor has been on a roll lately, opening up different parts of Michigan and different sectors of business. And I know one business that will be very happy, the car business. I purchased a brand new car almost three weeks ago. A new model just arrived that I really wanted, so I emailed a sales guy our family works with and told him what I was looking for. After discussing model and color, all via email, he found one in Grand Rapids and had it brought over to Lansing for me.

After arriving at the dealership I realized the doors were locked and the public was not allowed in. So I called the front desk and they paged my friend and he came out. Both wearing masks we did the deal in my new car. I came back a couple days later and picked it up. He told me when this first happened they were all laid off for a month. Then they started making appointments with customers and meeting with them in a big tent outside. That’s where I met the finance guy to sign my life away for a new car.

It was the most unique way I have ever bought a car and now I’m a happy customer. Fortunately for you, things will be a little more normal. According to MLive

Starting Tuesday, May 26, auto dealerships and retail businesses across the state will be allowed to operate via appointment only, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced.

Showrooms will be open and dealers will be offering the best deals on radio and television again. They have a lot of inventory to move. Masks, social distancing and sanitizing facilities will be a daily occurrence in these businesses. At least life is getting a little more back to normal.

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