Yep it’s one of those mid-winter spells of mild weather that turns snow into slush and water. After the big dump of snow all over Michigan over the last 24 hours followed by heavy rain has turned the whole place into a big mess.

Flood watches and warnings are up and it feels a lot like March and not mid-January. I’ve seen winters like this before but it has been a long time.

Meantime in Europe, they are getting pounded with deadly cold so far in 2017. More than 60 people have died from Poland to the Balkans to Russia. In Russia, temperatures have been recorded at a record shattering minus 80. In Italy, heavy snow is falling. It’s turning into quite a winter on the other side of the world. Here it warm and wet as many predicted because of El Nino.

Many observers say this could be the last mild winter for a while however. I am going to wait and see before I jump to any conclusions.

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