Joe Biden is a man adrift. That is what the majority of Americans believe anyway according to at least two recent polls.  The majority of voters in the United States believe the former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee for President, is in the early stages of dementia. Listen folks, it’s not a lot of malarkey; people don’t think ol’ Joe is all there.

It’s so bad in fact some are strongly suggesting he avoid any debates with President Donald Trump. I mean let’s be honest, nobody actually believes he can deliver for 90 minutes one time, let alone take the stage 3 times against the President and get through without some really bad senior moments.

Furthermore, I don’t believe Americans are going to line up and pull the lever for dismantling and destroying police departments, allowing anarchists to decide which statues get to stay standing or what we are allowed to say under their fascist feet. I don’t think ordinary Americans are ready to pull the lever for socialism or cynicism about the nation. Right now, you might as well throw out the polls because a lot of former candidates looked pretty damn good in July that never walked into the Oval Office as President. Right now, Joe Biden is far more likely to join Michael Dukakis, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton in the loser’s column rather than becoming the 46th President of the United States. For that to happen, he will have to do something daring and bold.

So, what is he to do?

There is one thing Joe Biden could do right now to shake up the race, improve his chances of winning dramatically and really show the nation that he wants to pull everyone together. The one thing Joe Biden can do is make his pick for a running mate a black woman as promised but one who is also a Republican.

If you think that is a crazy idea you must not have heard of Leslyn Lewis. Lewis is a pro-life conservative black woman, who is unapologetically Christian, and she is turning Canadian politics upside down. In fact, Lewis who was once considered a long shot candidate is shaking up the race to control conservative politics and yes, she could be Canada’s next Prime Minister.

So, if a pro-life black woman, who is fiercely conservative and outspoken can command this much attention with our northern and much more liberal Canadian neighbors, why would it be such a silly idea here?

The short answer is, it wouldn’t.

The only question however is who would be available and qualified to fill such a role and give the Biden campaign the ability to turn American politics on its head?

My answer is Condoleezza Rice.

Think about the unifying possibilities. Rice, the former Secretary of State, National Security Advisor and Stanford Provost has an impeccable resume and reputation. Her addition to the ticket would fulfill Biden’s promise and force dye-in-the-wool conservatives to take real stock of what they believe.

I am not saying Rice would be enough to help Joe Biden overcome his age-related issues and missteps, but she would do something to grab the nation’s attention and say everything doesn’t have to be partisan all the time.

Furthermore, Biden could strike a deal that after say 26 months or so he could excuse himself from the job and allow Rice to run as an incumbent twice. It would return a sense of normalcy and status quo to Washington and might even bring a bit of calm too.

So, would Joe Biden choosing Condoleezza Rice as his running mate be completely crazy?

No, crazy would be choosing Susan Rice and sewing the divide in our country even deeper.

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