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Apparently there are studies that indicate that they could be a negative relationship between the amount of homework a child does and their health.

I found that out in an article published in the Washington Post and written by Gerald K. LeTendre is a professor of education at Pennsylvania State University.

This is an extensive article that I would recommend you read via the hot link I provided in the previous paragraph.

There are two school of thoughts, one is children need to do homework if they want to succeed in the competitive academic culture and the other who believe that too much homework would cut into their “playtime” and cause them too much stress.

The questions they are trying to answer are:

Does homework result in academic success?

Is homework related to high academic success?

Should there be “no homework” policies?

So I want to ask you about your thoughts concerning the above questions.

Do you think we should ban homework?

What do you think is the right amount of homework?

Does too much homework create unneeded stress?

The writer of the article states “at a national level, the answer is clearly no.”

According to the article Dr. LeTendre stated there are empirical studies which have “linked excessive homework to sleep disruption, indicating a negative relationship between the amount of homework, perceived stress and physical health.”

The question is what constitutes excessive amounts of homework.  Apparently the answer to that question varies by age, and may also be affected by “ or family expectations.”

When a teacher attempts to teach a concept to the children, will not homework allow the teacher to know who grasped that concept and who did not?

What about the environment many of us live in today in which we do not work the “normal” 9 to 5 job and find ourselves working quite a bit from home.  I know my wife and I do.   If at a young age you are required to perform homework independently, will it not prepare you to work in an environment that allows you to work from home?

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