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Really scary!

That is what a Michigan Democrat staffer said about the Homeschooling Lobby.

As reported in the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site, that Michigan Democrat staffer is Ellen Heinitz, the legislative director for a Democratic state representative from Detroit, Rep. Stephanie Chang, whose House Bill 4498 would mandate home-school registration and increase other regulations.

Ms. Heinitz was quoted as saying concerning her experience with a national homeschooling lobbying group called the Home School Legal Defense Association, “I’ve never seen a lobby more powerful and scary,” and “they make the anti-vaxxers seem rational.”  Anti-vaxxers is a reference to people who believe vaccines are dangerous.

Now with that type of attitude do you believe her or her boss would ever be able to have a rational discussion concerning homeschooling in Michigan?

In the article Karen Braun, a nationally known home-school education activist from Michigan, was quoted as saying “She’s throwing out a caricature, and what she is really exposing is her own contempt for people who act outside of the state and for people who think they know what’s best for their children.”

She is right, the left cannot stand when something succeeds and the state has nothing to do with it.

A homeschooling parent from Jackson Michigan Cathy Keller, believes that liberals in education and government want to control every aspect of citizens' lives.   She was quoted in the article saying “Basically, school is being redesigned by parents because of a failed model that has been hijacked and corrupted, if they had a successful model, they would be attracting participants, but they won't tolerate our freedom of choice. There are successes and failings in both the public schools and in home schools, but they don't control homeschools and there lies the rub.”

I would hope we have people in government no matter what ideologue they come from have an open mind when it comes to solving any of our societal issues, especially those involving children.

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