Following the latest savage attack on a school by a deranged former student that left 17 dead has renewed misplaced and deranged calls to go after boys and men. Terms like “toxic masculinity” are being thrown around and aimed at boys of all ages. USA Today even entertained the deeply disturbed musings of a c-list comedian, Michael Ian Black, that Tweeted out that “deeper even than the gun problem is this: boys are broken.”

It is comments from these kinds of Hollywood malcontents and miscreants that fancy themselves as some sort of social intellectuals that truly strikes fear into my heart. I have told you for many years that in the years to come I fear for my son far more than I fear for my daughter. The left is on the march against boys and they have been for some time. They are targeting masculinity as if it is some sort of malignant tumor that must be eradicated at any cost.

The teachers in our schools are treating boys like they are girls that are not behaving well at an ever-higher rate. Being a boy is a problem in a #MeToo world and don’t kid yourself this is a very real problem and if you have a son or grandson you had better take me very seriously.

The world in which so called bullying is becoming more criminalized on a daily basis the vast majority of those getting jammed up for such transgressions are of course boys. You know when I grew up I got teased too and I sometimes teased others. What we learned was the world can be a tough place and we needed to tough it out and move on.

Boys will be boys and that is a biological fact despite other attacks on our children by social justice experimentation crews that insist boys and girls are just something we made up. They are scientifically, provably wrong but so many people are just afraid to stand up and tell the truth for they fear getting called names and labeled as a bigot, sexist or bully. You see many of us have in fact been bullied into keeping quiet. Yeah, that doesn’t work for me.

It is time to stand up and tell the truth no matter who might be offended. I don’t really care if I offend you by telling you the truth. Too bad. This is America and for a little bit longer it is still a free country. I have every right to tell you that boys are under attack in this country. Boys as a general rule are not broken even if a few turn into monsters and kill their classmates. I will not sit idly by while these misguided and utterly foolish social justice warriors try to attack my son, and everyone else’s.

It is time to stand up and call ignorance out no matter where you see it or where you hear it. USA Today should be ashamed for publishing such garbage but of course it is not and neither are the social engineering clowns that write such trash.

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