On Monday I read a piece published by USA Today asking the question are boys broken.  Is that really the question we should be asking?  The question I have is why is there so much hate these days towards males in our society?

That tweet went a bit viral when it was “liked” by 65,000 people.

In an interview with NPR last Sunday, he elaborated on this comment and said the following:

I think it means that there is something going on with American men that is giving them the permission and space to commit violence," he said. "And one of the main things we focus on correctly is guns and mental health, but I think deeper than that is a problem, a crisis in masculinity.

He then went down the feminist path of toxic masculinity.  I have been writing and talking about this absurd notion of toxic masculinity for quite a while now.  With what has been going on over the last 9 years I would state that the inverse in males has been occurring, that being the feminization of males.

There was a “study” back in 2017 by the Journal of Adolescent Health in which they concluded that there are many “norms around gender”.  Those norms are what is expected of boys and girls and they believe that these norms become entrenched in our adolescence and have negative impacts that carry into adulthood.

Some of the ramifications the study found when boys conform to gender stereotypes are:

  • Engaging in physical violence to a much greater extent than girls
  • Dying more frequently from unintentional injuries
  • Being more prone to substance abuse and suicide
  • Having a shorter life expectancy than women

The USA Today article points out another study by the National Science Foundation after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  The NSF asked researchers to look at what is known and unknown about youth violence. The study was published back in 2016, the report found masculinity is a factor that cannot be ignored and stated:

Young men may be particularly sensitive to cultural influences on masculinity in adolescence when they are physically maturing, particularly in the context of popular media that glorify violence and domination of others…The least physically developed young boys may lose out in pecking orders that value height, big muscles, athletic prowess, and mature looks. Guns could become a great equalizer in this tournament of recognition.

When are the feminist and many liberals going to stop their attack on males?  For years their attack was centered on men but now they are shamefully going after young boys.

I would like to ask a question of you mothers who are raising boys, do you feel like they are toxic?  I do not intend on that question to be looked at in a negative way, but there is no other way to ask it.

Do you mothers find that your boys are inherently dangerous and beyond your control?

I understand that boys are rougher and tend to play with toys and games that most girls do not.  I understand that most boys gravitate to rough housing and playing army, I grew up with 3 brothers and have raised a son.  I also understand that boys are not inherently “toxic” then grow up to be “toxic” men.  I find that concept sickening, a concept that comes from people with, well “toxic” minds.

When are we going to stop blaming the many due to the actions of a few?

Let me ask you women a few last questions:

Would you rather be with a feminine male or a masculine male?

When you are confronted with danger out in the public would you rather be with a male who may hide behind you are try to “reason” with a crazy guy or would you rather be with a masculine male?

And one last one:

In a time of trouble would you want to be with a man who tells you to go and find out what that bump in the night sound is while he cowers in your bedroom?

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