Gary Peters will be the sole new Democratic Senator to take his oath of office this week. A dozen other new Senators- all Republicans are also joining him. There will also be an impressive number of new members in the lower chamber where Republicans have collected a nearly unprecedented 247 seats. That is the most since the 1920’s.

John Boehner will likely be the Speaker of the House… despite opposition from many of his colleagues and outspoken critics like myself. I simply don’t think Boehner has the mettle to take on a feisty lame duck Barack Obama. I like so many others are concerned he will simply roll over and take it- again.

I also have reservations about Mitch McConnell the new Senate Majority Leader. He too will need to show us much with the nation staring down the barrel of an incredible debt that is now in excess of $18 Trillion Dollars.

It is high time to find out if the sea change ordered by the voters in November will be served up- or if 2016 will be another reckoning with the American people.

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