Based on the planes that I saw flying overhead in the video of this abandoned school in Detroit, I'd say we are looking at the Detroit airport, instead of a smaller airport.

Don't believe me, look here!

Abandoned School Next To Detroit Airport

If you're getting ready to travel, could you imagine a building such as this sitting on the side, touched since its closed, sure... but sitting in ruins.

While you're getting ready to travel, most likely out of Detroit, you've probably gone past this school and not even noticed it at all.

Take a look below of what remains of this abandoned Detroit area school.

LOOK! Abandoned School Right Next To Detroit Airport

Based on the type of planes flying overhead and the fact this is based in Detroit. I'd say we are looking at the Detroit airport... take a look at this school.

Abandoned Flint Area High School:

If that doesn't do it for you, what about this abandoned high school out of Flint. Places of once great learning, that now sit empty, are great forms of entertainment.

Abandoned Flint High School With Everything Left Inside

This abandoned high school in Flint, Michigan still has everything left inside of it from when it was open.

Take A Look At This Abandoned Antique Store In Michigan

It's a little ironic that a place that is meant to hold old discarded things, is now disregarded itself. Take a look at this abandoned antique store in Michigan.
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