If you're driving along 96, heading down towards Detroit, there is a great possibility that you've passed Howell, Michigan.

Inside of that city, lies an abandoned house, that looks like it has a story to tell.

Abandoned Howell Farm House

Who isn't a fan of exploring old abandoned places? From homes, and churches, to even factories.

While Michigan does have options for abandoned exploration, many locations should be explored with caution. As seen in this home, the house is falling inwards on itself and could be dangerous to those exploring.

On top of that too, private property is a thing.

All that aside though, take a look of what remains of this home that resides in Howell, Michigan.

Look: Creepy Abandoned Farm House In Howell Michigan

There's a certain thrill about an old abandoned house in Michigan. This one may be in pieces, but still holds a story that wants to be told. Take a look at this abandoned Howell farmhouse.

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