Do you take vitamin supplements just about every day? It's true that vitamins can help boost your immune system, but how much is too much?

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“Supplement toxicity is where you get too much of a vitamin or mineral, usually from supplements or artificial sources,” she said. “It’s becoming more of a problem with more readily available supplements.”

Most people feel that it's necessary to take vitamin supplements to bolster their body's defenses against the common cold and any type of flu.

One person recently mentioned that taking a daily multivitamin, along with a daily dose of a vitamin C supplement, and a zinc supplement. Add to that list even more supplements and you're basically moving in the wrong direction. also adds:

“They’re taking one product on top of another when they probably only need that multivitamin every day or every other day,” she said. “I heard a good metaphor recently: If you put more gas in a car, it’s not going to go faster. The same way with vitamins and minerals, just because we have more, it doesn’t mean your body will work better.”

Since were in a brand new year, it's important to eat healthy, exercise more, and take a few vitamin supplements. This is something that I would like to start doing very soon as well.

When possible, dietitians suggest forgoing the supplements in favor of a nutrient-rich diet; citrus fruits and broccoli, for instance, are good sources of vitamin C. Supplements should only be used for deficiencies, like if you’re struggling to get enough of a given nutrient naturally.

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