I have been saying for years that working for a government unit either local, state or federal is a great job.  The money is good to great and to boot the benefits including a pension in some cases are awesome.

Well the Detroit Free Press is reporting that approximately 1,000 Michiganders have filed for the upcoming Michigan Primaries.  The positions they are seeking are elected ones including judicial offices.

I did find it interesting that the authors of this Detroit Free Press article stated the following:

The filings set up fierce primary election battles as candidates scramble to fill seats left open across the state because of term limits forcing experienced politicians into early retirements or seeking different offices.

Really, what have these “experienced politicians” done for our state?  Sure they have done some good things but our budget grows each year, our taxes in Michigan are high, we have one of the highest automobile insurance rates in the country, need I say more.

Hopefully we will have a new wave of politicians who do not pander to their voting base and actually work on the hard issues we face as a state and solve them.


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