Earlier in the week a listener from my affiliate in Lansing, WJIM, called in to my show to inform us of a petition drive titled "Power the Vote".  He was on his way home from last weekends holiday and was approached by a person at a rest stop, asking to sign their petition.  This petition for a ballot initiative has many things it wants to do to Michigan's constitution.

The problem was this petitioner only informed my listener that this ballot initiative would make it "easier" for our military to vote in Michigan.  When he inquired he found out a lot more and did not sign the petition.

My point to all my listeners was to always completely read the petition when a person who walks up to you and asks you to sign a ballot initiative sheet.

After the program I received a call and an email from another listener who wrote the following:

Hi Renk

I called you on Tuesday because of the gentleman who called to relay his story about being approached at a rest area and wanted him to sign a petition for the extension of time for our military personal to send in their absentee ballots.

He explained the rest of the story about how it was not just about our military but for anyone who has requested a petition to vote in our elections.

Well about 2.5 hours after I heard his comment I encounter a women standing outside the Secretary of State in Kalamazoo who wanted to know if I would like to sign her petition. I asked her if that included illegal aliens and she said she did not know. I asked to read the petition and after reading it and seeing that it wants to change our State Constitution of 1963 to allow all people to vote and did not mention American Citizens but ALL, I asked her if she understood what that meant. She said no, it is just a job. I asked who was paying her and she said "Get The Vote Out" which I do not believe is middle of the road.

I told her she should be ashamed of her self as it took 1 year for my husband and I to naturalize our children we adopted from Korea and now the illegals have been welcome to walk over our borders and we pay for just about everything after they are here. I made her so uncomfortable she left and went next door to a cafe., hoping I would leave. After 20 minutes she came back I told her she should leave because I was not going too.

I then went into the Secretary of States office and spoke with one of the employees and she said it was terrible and they have told her to leave but their landlord would not do anything about it.

I am very disappointed that the State of Michigan is not doing anything about people 1 foot off their door when this is something that is affecting every Michigan Citizens and their rights. Please get the word out as I watched everyone she asked to sign, signed because she told them about our military personnel. I asked a lady who had just signed if she knew what she just signed for and after I explained she said she would not have signed it if she had been told the whole story.

Thank you Renk for all your hard work is keeping us informed and allowing us a forum.

I was very happy to hear that she was prepared to deal with this situation since she had been listening to my show and was now informed.  That is what I attempt to do each and every day I am on air, to inform all of my listeners so they completely understand the issues and the context in which they are being applied.

It is all about you being informed and because you are informed I hope you can make a better decision for yourself, your family, the State of Michigan and the United States.

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