There was a 'Do Not Eat' advisory for white-tailed deer in the township of Oscoda, in Iosco County near Clark's Marsh, according to WILX. The advisory covered an area of five miles, where now they will be reducing the advisory to a three-mile radius of the Marsh.

There was a harmful substance in high levels, called perfluorooctanesulfonic, also known as PFOS. PFOS has been shown to be harmful to the health of humans, causing liver damage, a loss in fertility, as well as the possibility of thyroid disease.

“As we have now gathered additional data about deer, PFAS levels and their proximity to Clark’s Marsh, we have updated our health advisory,” chief medical executive and chief deputy for health at MDHHS, Dr. Joneigh Khaldun told WILX.

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Back in 2020, 44 deer were taken from the Clark's Marsh area, collecting both muscle and liver samples. The deer were tested for PFAS, and did show PFAS, PFOS. 

In the study, data did show that deer towards the marsh were more likely to test positive for PFOS. You can see the full listed report from the studied area here. 

A new map that now outlines the suggested areas to hunt in the area, if choosing to do so, can be found here. 

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