From Hell to Lansing, there is no lack of what you can find here in Michigan. We also have some whacky names out there too. This one may sound a little crappy, but it is nothing dirty; in fact, how the town got the name is fairly interesting.

I don't know if I should make any puns about this town, as they are known as "The Magic Capital of the World." With my luck, they'd bring me up on stage and actually saw me in half after a bad pun.

  1. Before we can talk about the Magic Capital of the World, we need to talk about that name, right? Colon. It probably brings a chuckle to some people as they get ready to say it. How they actually got their name is unbelievable. A founder of Colon, Lorensie Schellhouse, said he had opened up the dictionary and picked the first word he saw. That word was colon.
  2. How did they get their nickname, "The Magic Capital of the World?" That one is not as strange or odd as the town's actual name. The United States Congress actually does recognize Colon as the Magic Capital of the World. It is also the resting place, and former home of Harry Blackstone, Sr. (A.K.A. The Great Blackstone).
  3. If you go to Colon High School, you're probably known as a "Magi." It is a play on Colon being the Magic Capital of the World. Their mascot is a white rabbit wearing a black top hat, as well.
  4. Colon is also the home of the Abbott Magic Company. The company was founded in 1934 and was created by Percy Abbott, an Australian friend of Blackstone's, and Recil Bordner. The company actually has their own local store, factory, and showroom where new tricks are manufactured. There are also two other Magic Companies out of Colon as well: FAB Magic Company and the Sterlini Magic Manufacturing Company.

Michigan has a variety of cities for you to stop by and sit awhile in. Whether that be Hell, which may just be Pure Hell rather than Pure Michigan, or even the capital city itself.

When you get a chance, stop by the magic capital of the world and bring us back a disappearing souvenir.

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